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April 2018

3D Animation for Singing


Any Singing Technique is built upon using your internal organs and muscles in a certain way.

But we can’t see how our body works internally, so how do we know which singing technique is better than the other?


Well, with the help of 3D Animation, you can actually see how the organs and muscles of your body work internally while singing. The 3D Videos give you a complete insight of the function of your Breathing Mechanism, Larynx, Vocal Folds and Articulators, all of which are vital to Good Singing Technique. Using 3D, we even compare the Bel Canto Singing Technique that we teach with other Singing Techniques out there.

Vocal Exercises


In the All About Singing App, you will find over 150 Singing Exercises designed to improve your Breath Management, Vocal Range, Pitch, Power and Control. Each Exercise is demonstrated by a Professional Male and Female Singer and recreated in 3D to help you understand how exactly your body is supposed to function to Sing with Perfect Technique.


The All About Singing App is created to Guide you Every Day with the Right Singing Exercises to suit Your Singing Level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced.


Once you've selected your level of singing, you simply have to follow the daily schedule created for you. The App will take you through your customised Morning and Evening Singing Exercises so you can progress with the Best Results and As Quickly As Possible.


You can also Create Your Own Schedule by choosing Exercises that you want to focus on, like Vocal Range or Control Exercises. 

Articles and Videos


Free Articles and Videos will be posted every week to make you more aware of your Vocal Instrument and to help you Sing Better.


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